We’re Mike and Renee. Missionaries in Africa from 1997 to 2014, we now live in the Atlanta area and continue to serve with Africa Inland Mission. These pages offer some of our stories, family updates, and perspectives on the missionary life. (Karibu!)

From Mike’s Blog

Ever wonder why

Mom and I sat together in the waiting room, leaning toward each-other in whispers, both of us a little sad. We did a lot of waiting on Thursday at Sloan Kettering. Dad had a full day at the cancer center in New York - his home away from home. There’s been some...


Imagine a sleek car, cornering a patch of asphalt in some place more beautiful than where you live. It glistens as your perspective pans and tilts with fluid motions, virtually caressing the vehicle through its circuit. The driver grips the leather bound steering...

Crossing the GW

Crossing the GW

This is what they call reverse-culture shock. Take a bush pilot from the barren expanse of southern Sudan and drive him into New York City. I pressed my face against a cold window in my uncle's mini-van. Stretching my eyes upward, I watched the massive girders and...


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Between Heaven and Earth

Essays from 12 years as a missionary pilot in Africa