We’re Mike and Renee. Missionaries in Africa from 1997 to 2014, we now live in the Atlanta area and continue to serve with Africa Inland Mission. These pages offer some of our stories, family updates, and perspectives on the missionary life. (Karibu!)

From Mike’s Blog

An Extraordinary Call

“Come and see. Step into the blistering, beautiful, heart-wrenching, heartwarming journey.”

Five Hidden Benefits

Missionary work – so often described as a “sacrifice” – offers perks as well. They tend toward the character-building variety however. Hard to quantify. And likely unexpected at the onset.

Leaning In

It’s a land of mystery and, most certainly, adventure – with uncharted territories, caravans, Sultans, and a fast-growing capital city. But it’s also a land of tremendous potential for the gospel. In many ways, Chad is unique in this regard.


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Between Heaven and Earth

Essays from 12 years as a missionary pilot in Africa