How to partner with us as we serve as members of AIM

Financial support

In the years we have been active missionaries, we have seen our support go up and down. Our target has changed as our family has grown. We have gained supporters along the way, and lost some too. Although most people make pledges on how they will give, we never know what will happen from month to month. Coming from a culture where securing your own financial independence is supposed to be the key to happiness, we are certainly traveling in a different direction. We are, quite simply, constrained to trust God. Some days this is a struggle, and some days I think we may have stumbled onto the real key to happiness: being caught up in something bigger than ourselves, and the pursuit of something far more lasting than worldly success.

Prayer support

Missionaries live with perhaps a greater sense of the need for prayer in all things. As we live and work in dependence on God, we covet your prayers for our family and ministry. Our most common prayer requests are: for our faith to grow amidst our circumstances, for safety in travel, wisdom, and joy in the work. Pray also for courage and humility, and above all, for God’s glory to shine through us.

If you follow this blog or get our newsletters you will likely know more specifically how to pray.

How to send support

For a tax-deductible receipt, make checks payable to “Africa Inland Mission” and include a separate note indicating that funds are designated for “the Delorenzo’s”.

Checks should be sent to:
Africa Inland Mission
P.O. Box 3611
Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611

You can give online via credit card or bank account.

Support Changes with our new assignment at AIM’s US Headquarters (Beginning April 2015):

Our status with AIM has changed a little, even as it has stayed the same. Both Renee and I remain “AIM members”—missionaries essentially. But I am also now a “staff member.” AIM recognizes that it can be difficult for home staff to raise or maintain personal support, and so all of the home staff are paid from AIM’s general fund instead of directly from the support they may raise each month. This way, staff don’t have to worry about their salary if personal support happens to drop off over the years. AIM’s general fund will supply a salary each month regardless.

For those who continue to give to us, you need to know that a donation to “the Delorenzo’s” still supports our ministry, but a little less directly than when we were on the field. Our regular support (the check you might send from month to month) is now directed to AIM’s general fund instead of to our personal account. My ministry position is still one that is sustained through financial donations, but as a US staff member, we are no longer “directly supported”. We do still covet your support, and we will actively continue to foster a community of partners for our ministry. Renee and I still receive a monthly Support Statement from AIM, and are able to stay connected to those who give in our name. In that regard our supporters are still “ours”. And if we ever transition back to an assignment in Africa, we will need that network.