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An Extraordinary Call

“Come and see. Step into the blistering, beautiful, heart-wrenching, heartwarming journey.”

Five Hidden Benefits

Missionary work – so often described as a “sacrifice” – offers perks as well. They tend toward the character-building variety however. Hard to quantify. And likely unexpected at the onset.

Leaning In

It’s a land of mystery and, most certainly, adventure – with uncharted territories, caravans, Sultans, and a fast-growing capital city. But it’s also a land of tremendous potential for the gospel. In many ways, Chad is unique in this regard.

50 Things

50 things I love about my wife (written on May 28th 2015 – Our 20th anniversary)

Snow, and Letting go

I cherished every run, realizing that time, sadly, was not standing still. In fact, lately it feels as though it’s sped up some.

October update ~ home again

After what has turned out to be a “career” on the field, I have never been so inspired by God’s heart for Africa as I am today, and yet at the same time, never felt so inadequate to the task.

The Power of Story

Looking forward, I see a hard road ahead for the finishing work of the Great Commission. And I believe there ought to be storytellers walking it alongside the church planters, Bible translators, disciple-makers, and others. If for no other reason than to simply “make much of God”, to declare His glory.

Becoming a Kid Again

Neglected, abused, run off by a jealous step-father—whatever the reason, Nairobi has produced tens of thousands of street children. They run on fear, on drugs, and on the will to survive one more day. Some, a few fortunate ones, run into a second chance.

the Puppy

Renee gave her the name “Tamu”, which is Swahili for “gentle” or “sweet”. Then began rehab. Countless flea baths, vet visits, medications, bags of the finest German puppy food, more baths, and a lot of TLC.


Even if you don’t usually pay much attention to the stars, you would notice something amiss if you happened to be transported far over the equator and glanced upward. It would feel foreign even if you didn’t know why.

Windows and Doors

Africa’s youth may one day be the largest “people group” in the world.

April news

I think it’s awesome that God has put On Field Media in place for such a time and task as this.

Journey of the Distant Boat

But what if this film, with its aim to awaken the African church to get serious about sending missionaries, was more lasting than all that? We may never know, but Ted could be right. He was certainly right when he said, “God made this movie.”

Kiss the Messenger

I was taken back by this encounter, and reminded of my own long service as a pilot here in Africa. For 13 years I was the messenger. I certainly can’t remember all the people and places and boxes in the cargo pod. But I wonder now how many of those trips played a small part in someone’s redemption story.

Do you know Him?

Produced by Albert Martin (and available on Vimeo) Based on a sermon delivered by Rev. S.M. Lockridge

Newsletter ~ October 2013

It’s always interesting to get State Department travel warnings about the place you find yourself living in. But this has been the case for much of our last 16 years, and occasionally we have to come to terms with it all over again.