We’re Mike and Renee. Missionaries in Africa from 1997 to 2014, we now live in the Atlanta area and continue to serve with Africa Inland Mission. These pages offer some of our stories, family updates, and perspectives on the missionary life. (Karibu!)

From Mike’s Blog

One tribe

"One month after a deeply flawed election, Kenya is tearing itself apart along ethnic lines..." NYT Article here Today I walked the streets of Kibera. It is the largest slum in Kenya. (I've heard it called the largest in the world.) People estimate that a million...

Thank God for Sundays

Finally a Sunday. A number have gone by in recent weeks, but at last this one feels like a Sabbath. Nairobi is calm today. No doubt what millions of Kenyans are praying for all over the country. Peace. I spent a good part of last week up in Sudan, doing some of the...

Helpless vs. hopeless

It's 5 am in Nairobi and I can't sleep again. Amelia woke up with her obligatory "bad dreams" and is camping out at my side, asleep again under the protective watch of her father. I spent an hour with tears slowly soaking my pillow. Reached for my daughter and rubbed...


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Between Heaven and Earth

Essays from 12 years as a missionary pilot in Africa