The Making of a Story

The Making of a Story

And in a moment of suspended reality, a battered clapboard fills the frame in front of the lens. “Scene 70, Setup 2, Take 1,” it reads. The clapboard marks the audio and video clips with information to help the editors, and provides an audible spike to later synchronize digital files. But it also marks a kind of boundary between the real world and this one of our own creation.

Bound to the Past

This video, Bound to the Past give a glimpse into the life of two of Madagascar’s people groups – the Sakalava and Antakarana. These two groups are still considered “unreached” with the gospel, and in the video you can see why. They life in remote areas (especially the Antakarana). and their cultures are captive to a dark spirituality. AIM wants to place four mission teams among them in the near future.

Yellowstone, Wyoming

This furlough, our family took a detour through stunning western Wyoming. We camped for 5 days in Yellowstone park – just long enough to get a taste of this wonderful place, and to know that I’ll need to return one day with a backcountry pack and an open...

Two years and two weeks

After a long assignment overseas, it’s little things like a mouthful of pizza and a couple happy memories that make me feel like I’ve come home.

Who we are – AIM’s Vision

As we return back to the USA for a short furlough this summer, we’ll be traveling around sharing this vision with the churches and people who have supported us over the years. I love what AIM is about, and we feel privileged to be a small part of it.