Looking back

But then I gave more thought to the concept of a “best day” – this idea that a particular event might characterize or encompass all the reasons why we were here in Africa these last two years. A particular story that reminds us of the big picture and connects all the dots. A day that gives us strength for all the others when we could not see so clearly.

[Reserection] Sunday

[Reserection] Sunday

I discovered this Post-it note in the back of one of dad’s bibles shortly after he died. When I found it, I recognized it at once as a sort of treasure—something special because it is written in his hand, and even contains one of his telltale, and humorous, spelling...

Move Against the Fear

This video is aimed at Christians who already have a call to missionary work but perhaps don’t have a direction to go. It is intended to give an unpolished perspective on the needs in these parts of Africa, and challenge people to consider that this may be the place to which God is calling them.

To certain poor shepherds

For a week in November I traveled throughout the “mountain kingdom” of Lesotho. I visited with a missionary family living in a quaint village tucked within a breathtaking valley on the eastern side of the small country. Over the course of several days, John introduced...
Return from the mountain kingdom

Return from the mountain kingdom

I’m sitting in a window seat over the wing, just a couple arms lengths from the giant turbofan engine of a 737 high above Zambia or Tanzania — I’m not sure which — on our way back home. The sky is serene and the light is fading fast below the horizon...

Inch by inch

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. That’s partly why the blog has fallen behind. I haven’t wanted to subject you to all kinds of disjointed thoughts. Sorry if we’ve left you wondering where we’ve been, or how we’ve been...