We’ll I’ve officially been busy enough to neglect our blog. I spent the month of May with AIM AIR getting current in the airplane and back flying operationally. I had one long trip into Sudan before I retreated to the media office and jumped back in to a really busy schedule there. I spent the month of June working media mostly. We prepared a bunch of materials for AIM AIR to take to Oshkosh in July. We even produced a new video which will be viewable on AIM AIR’s website by the end of July. The summer months flew past way to quickly.

This week, I was simultaneously mailing off DVDs in FedEx envelopes while packing my bags for a huge trip into central Africa. I’ll leave today for Uganda, and then spend the next 2 weeks flying AIM leadership around Sudan, C.A.R., Congo, and Chad. I have never been to Chad before, so that should be interesting. My role on the trip is, of course, as a crew-member flying the plane. But I’ll also be working on a media project in between. So my bags are a strange mixture of survival gear, pilot gizmos, and cool cameras. In fact, just looking at them now, I’m reminded of what a great job I have. The hardest part, as always, is leaving Renee and the kids. I won’t see them for 16 days, and that’s unusually long for an AIM AIR safari. So you can think to pray for them while I’m away. And also pray for this trip. We are traversing four countries at war.

And rest assured I’ll have a couple of cool stories to tell once I get back.