50 Things

May 28, 2015 | 2 comments

50 things I love about my wife
(written on May 28th 2015 – Our 20th anniversary)

auburn hair
kind eyes
one blue, one green(ish)
lingers in a hug
quick to forgive
adorable in a long dress
owns more hiking shoes than dress shoes
endearingly pretty
doesn’t want me to go to work in the morning
always wants me to come home early
remarkably good driver
loves road trips
reads a map better than I do
math wiz
terrific cook
looks at home in a garden
stops to smell roses, literally
taught our children to read
loved my dad
was at his side when he died
not a hint of selfish ambition
not a hint of vain conceit
hurting people are drawn to her
good listener
gentle and quiet spirit
loves old people
old people love her
roots for the underdog
loves small surprises
simple tastes
encourages my hobbies
compliments my art
rubs my hair
prays for me
patient when I’m sick or injured
tells me “I love you” even at the end of an ordinary phone call
organizes things, alphabetically
hates evil
loves God
avoids conflict
will not glorify war, even though she’s been there
born on Flag Day
dreams about log cabins and fireplaces
wears my clothes and makes them smell good
adds to my tips at a restaurant
lays her head on my shoulder
smiles up at me
walks beside me
still in love after twenty years