We’re Mike and Renee. Missionaries in Africa from 1997 to 2014, we now live in the Atlanta area and continue to serve with Africa Inland Mission. These pages offer some of our stories, family updates, and perspectives on the missionary life. (Karibu!)

Team Excursion

Team Excursion

Our media team said goodbye to one of our families this week, as they soon after moved back to America. But those friendships are sealed: With love and life, and vivid memories of adventures like these.

Wings of the Dawn

Wings of the Dawn

Although the story was difficult to revisit in some ways, it was fun to mix cameras and airplanes again.

Theatrical Trailer – The Distant Boat

Post-production is well underway for our mission's movie. We are aiming to have the film complete by September this year. Here's the trailer we posted to the movie's website, edited by my team-mate Andy Brown. Check out the film's website for more about the project.


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Between Heaven and Earth

Essays from 12 years as a missionary pilot in Africa