Twice saved

Korr, Northern Kenya. I flew in a group from a California church visiting the literacy and church planting work going on here. I went with them into a village in the morning to watch the camels being milked – the whole place was so beautiful in that golden...

Grasshoppers on a plane

As I listened, I was reminded of another world, right there in front of us, but beyond our sight. The world apart from my aluminum airplane and the smell of Sudan. A world of spirits and souls, where a battle rages, and those who dare run to the fight come back with tales of war.

First flight back

First flight back

My back made a familiar popping sensation as I tried to pull the 50 kilo sack of sugar from the pod. My first flight back. My very first bit of cargo, and my back dutifully gives out on me. Here in Sudan the land is so tortured and pained itself, it almost seems fitting that I should be in agony as I fly over it.

New years day

I’m thirty-one again. Its my birthday, and I have decided to stop at thirty-one (four years ago.) The kids think its hilarious that I’m getting old, jumping on any opportunity to remind me of my delusional state of being in the “early”...

Newsletter – November 2006

Dear friends, It has never been so hard to say goodbye. This furlough has been filled with many drawn out farewells, visits that have gone way too late into the night, plans to get together “one more time” that never materialized, and dinners that edged on...