Outside of Eden

Flew a hurried medivac today. Just 40 minutes from the city, to a rural place north of Mt Kenya. The flight was for a stranger. I didn’t even know his name – the man who died there beside the plane. My craft and the doctors just a little too late to start...


My love for flying – from a child day-dreaming through the chain-link fence at the local airport, to a young man commanding a sophisticated machine with skill and a clenched jaw over Africa – has slowly progressed. I have come to appreciate the hours “in between.”


The cheers and smiles could be attributed to something more subtle. As my passenger so gently put it on the flight back home, “You can only eat so much goat.”

Mothers day

This one nearly slipped by. We don’t get little reminders like television commercials and greeting cards in the supermarket out here. I’ve managed to miss quite a few holidays – and been assigned to flights on every one except Christmas over the...

Grip for a day

Just off the eastern shore of Lake Victoria is a beautiful mountain island called Mfangano. Its been years since I had been there, and the little dirt airstrip hidden in the trees was just as bad as it always was – maybe even worse. I flew the Caravan low...