A sad day for Kenya

“It’s a sad day for Kenya,” said Michael E. Ranneberger, the American ambassador to Kenya. “My biggest worry now is violence, which, let’s be honest, will be along tribal lines.” (Full NYT article here) We have been in a state of “lock-down” on our...


It’s Christmas eve here in Kenya, and the kids are getting ready for bed… on that night above all other nights when kids can’t wait to get to bed. It’s fun to re-live the anticipation of Christmas morning through the eyes of our children. We...

Ten years down the road

Through the eyes of a pilot and a plane, these years have offered a window into what God is doing here. And they have revealed His purposes in us amid the process – through the uncertain moments, the heart-stopping, the heart-wrenching, and the glorious.

27 hours in the sky

As I maneuvered around mounds of dirt and spots of soil that looked soft enough to sink into, I hit a little rise with the right wheel and spun around to the left, burying my right wing in the shrubbery. Stuck on a dry airstrip.

A Hill in the Heart of Congo

Some weeks back I spent a few days deep inside DRC Congo. During the busy time I had some moments to glean a bit about the history of the mission station we were visiting. There’s something beautiful about a Cessna airplane tucked back into the edge of the rain...