Our media office just recently finished the video produced on our epic trip into Central Africa last year. The video script is an adaptation of the essay I wrote for AIM’s magazine, so it may sound familiar if you’ve read that article. It may also sound familiar because I’m the one doing the voice-over for the narration. I didn’t have much time to participate in the post production work on this video, but I did manage to run over to the office on a few occasions to put my head under a blanket and hover over a microphone.

We learned a lot making this one, including the fact I’m not really a very good voice talent. But we also learned how much work a ten minute video could be. And how much the process of telling a story can pull you into it.

This video is aimed at Christians who already have a call to missionary work but perhaps don’t have a direction to go. It is intended to give an unpolished perspective on the needs in these parts of Africa, and challenge people to consider that this may be the place to which God is calling them.