Fighting Intensifies After Election in Kenya

Above is a link to the latest report about events in Kenya from the New York Times. Such sights are common for me. But not here. Not in my hometown. This happens in other places like the Congo, and Sudan. I never thought I would see this in Kenya.

I’m sitting here at our dining room table at 11 pm, still in my flight shirt. I came home a few hours ago from a night flight to Eldoret, in western Kenya. AIM AIR began to get requests yesterday, and more intensely today, to evacuate certain people from the western areas of the country. My flight tonight was the first of what appears will be a wave of flights we will do. Tomorrow our DC-3 will pull out 100 more people (mostly children). I will be back in the Caravan more than likely.

My flight home tonight was surreal. The countryside was spotted with bright orange fires – houses going up in smoke… along with Kenya’s democracy.

We’ve no idea where this is going, or if fighting in Nairobi will intensify, so we would appreciate your prayers for our safety in the coming days.