Dear Friends,

Greetings from New Jersey. We arrived Stateside about month ago, and have spent these weeks reconnecting with family, friends, and our church here. Tomorrow we start our road trip west to do some of the same. Furlough, or “Home Assignment” as our mission calls it, has come again.

We’ve had many homecomings over the past 17 years of ministry, and while there is a welcome familiarity to the process – an overwhelming arrival at Newark airport, an overdue hug from mom, and an unbelievable pizza from Frank’s – every return is unique in a way. This time we arrived with two teenagers and a mixed bag of emotions from our last term. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that if you happen to get us for an overnight or a cup of coffee somewhere along the way.

Since we were gone for three years, we have up to eight months in the States to recover, reconnect, report, and regroup. So between now and April, we are “at large” – traveling some and sitting still some. Zach and Amelia will be doing their schooling via the internet or with mom. And I’ll be making myself available to speak and share as much as possible, as well as carrying a small admin load for the media ministry.

Here’s the rough schedule of where we will be and when:

  • October – On the road from New Jersey to Minnesota and everywhere in-between
  • November – At our base in Lincoln Park, New Jersey with a quickly-filling schedule of visits and speaking
  • December through February – South at our base in Virginia and traveling to and through many southeastern States
  • March – back in New Jersey again (we think)

Renee and I try to be proactive about looking folks up and planning visits, but you can also take the initiative. Renee is the “keeper” of our calendar, and if you’d like to get on it, feel free to contact her at

We hope to see many of you. To both encourage and be encouraged by you. After what has turned out to be a “career” on the field, I have never been so inspired by God’s heart for Africa as I am today, and yet at the same time, never felt so inadequate to the task. Our missionary journey would not be possible without the great cloud of support around us. And if you aren’t already aware of our deep gratitude, perhaps we’ll get a chance to tell you in person.

With love,
The Delorenzo’s

Mike, Renee, Amelia, Zach