Seven years ago, I helped build a small media ministry here in Africa with a couple of good friends. Being freelance writers and videographers at the time, we saw great potential in telling the stories of missions, and proposed a small team of full time “storytellers” to join the ranks of AIM’s 1000 or so missionaries.

Years later we’ve seen some of the fruit of that effort—through ministries supported, missionaries sent, and churches challenged. Our small team, called On Field Media, has had some challenges of its own. Pretty much everything in missions is an uphill battle it seems. But the triumphs, when they come, are especially sweet. Such is life for those who choose to enter the fray of global missions.

Looking forward, I see a hard road ahead for the finishing work of the Great Commission. And I believe there ought to be storytellers walking it alongside the church planters, Bible translators, disciple-makers, and others. If for no other reason than to simply “make much of God”, to declare His glory.

But there are many reasons besides. Stories are powerful. And in the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if the work of the storyteller turned out to be some of the most essential to the cause of Christ.

Amazingly, this is the ministry we have the privilege of being caught up in.