A couple of months ago, we found a sick and starving puppy outside our gate. She was living (or trying to) on Nairobi’s streets, and at some point, gave up hope at our doorstep. After passing her by a few times in the car, I finally scooped her up and took her home. Renee gave her the name “Tamu”, which is Swahili for “gentle” or “sweet”. Then began rehab. Countless flea baths, vet visits, medications, bags of the finest German puppy food, more baths, and a lot of TLC. Since then, Tamu has grown strong and is now bounding with puppy energy. She’s also quite cute. I promised Renee that I would only take her home to save her life and get her well. So, we are now looking for new home for her before we head off on a long furlough. If you know of one, please contact us. Or just look into those puppy eyes and take her home for yourself. :)

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