The media team families (and all our kids) set out again for our second, not-quite-annual, team excursion. We spent a long weekend at a place called Eldama Ravine -far from the city and nearer to some of Kenya’s wild places. We spent an afternoon at one such place: Lake Bagoria. I’ve looked down on Bagoria from an airplane many times – where the escarpment of the Rift Valley drops steeply to the brilliant blue waters, and hoards of flamingo add mesmerizing swirls of vivid pink to the landscape. Up close, the alkaline lake is a bit more raw in nature: hot springs, flooded roads, and the pungent smell of ten thousand birds. But it’s still beautiful. Our media team said goodbye to one of our families this week, as they soon after moved back to America. But those friendships are sealed: With love and life, and vivid memories of adventures like these.

Pictures here.