Dear friends,
Greetings from Kenya. We are weathering the cold season here in Nairobi right now. (Renee recently got a cozy throw and a pile of firewood for her birthday in June РI light the fires and snuggle up next to her by the fireplace on especially chilly evenings… arguably the best part of the present I would say.) Our family is well, and warm enough.

Our media team is a flurry of activity these days, and this short letter is mainly to give you an update on what’s going on there. We’ve recently finished a couple of smaller projects (including the video that Amelia helped out on – watch it here), and now we are shifting focus back to the larger movie project.

Our feature film…

You may recall me mentioning the film project in our last newsletter. Since then, we’ve wrapped up a lot of the pre-production tasks and we’re quickly approaching the actual production phase – which is basically the shooting of the film. The whole process is pretty exciting, and daunting, as we look ahead. We’ve got professional actors and some amazing locations to shoot at, not to mention a really beautiful script. The story is the what this project is all about. We are praying that, if told well, it will have a profound impact on the African church. In many ways, it’s a very humbling assignment.

The project is so big, however, that it’s way outside of our media team’s normal budget. So we are fundraising for the production and asking for prayer and help in spreading the word. Below is a link to the film’s website so you can learn more about it. I’ve also included a link for you to share the project on Facebook if that’s something you’d like to do.

To learn more about the project or make a contribution, visit the film’s website:

And to help us get the word out, click below and share it on your Facebook page.

Share it

As you pray for us, please pray for the movie project. Not just for the funding we need, but for the many details and challenges in front of us. Also, pray for Amelia as she moves away next month to boarding school for 8th grade. She’s headed off to AIM’s Rift Valley Academy. It’s a great opportunity for her, and a mix of excitement and mild trepidation. The adjustment from homeschool to boarding school will likely be tough. Pray for Amelia’s transition. And pray for mom and dad while you’re at it!

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement!

With love from Africa,
Mike and Renee
Amelia and Zach